How To Order In My Ravelry Store

The Registration Process

For First Time Customers

  1. Create a Profile
    1. Go to
    2. Create a free profile
    3. That’s it! Shop my patterns: Lynne Adriaanse Ravelry Store

For RETURNING customers

  1. Login to Ravelry by entering your username and password
  2. Click Login
  3. Happy Shopping at my Ravelry Store

Purchasing Patterns on Ravelry

    1. Select the pattern you wish to purchase
    2. Add it to your cart
    3. Click checkout – you will see that no shipping cost is added as this product will become immediately downloadable once the payment is processed
    4. Confirm the order and pay via PayPal.
    5. Once your payment is received, your pattern files will become downloadable.
    6. Check your email for the order confirmation and pattern download link
    7. Click on the link and download to your PC