Creating textures in Interlocking Crochet is such a simple, yet effective process.

As new designers we often start with designing along the grid lines and using them to create all manner of patternings. My Just Patterning collection comes to mind. That design was born purely out of doodling. Just creating lines on the grid until eventually a pattern was was formed.

Just Patterning Potholders

In interlocking crochet, textures can be formed using just vertical or horizontal lines or a combination of both. Some designers have also taken to using diagonal lines, which is a very interesting and beautiful way of creating the interlocking patterning. I tried it once with a pattern by Kathryn Clark – a very talented designer who resides across the waters and who has been an inspiration. Below is my attempt at her Interlocking Snowflakes Pattern which is a free download on Ravelry and references her Youtube tutorial.

Interlocking Snowflakes Pattern

Solid stitches can be combined with the grid lines. Although solid stitches on their own also create beautiful textures, when you combine them with a closed mesh you can get an embossed look, like the xmas tree in my Xmas Tree and Bauble set of potholders.

Xmas Tree & Bauble Potholders

If you keep the mesh open, you can create texture within the solid stitch area, like I did in the Wheres My Yarn blanket. The bone and paw print at the top of the blanket is filled with 3 different textured elements all using simple vertical and horizontal lines or a combination of both.

Wheres My Yarn

When I first started designing I did not use texture much in my work and hence some of my designs have large areas of negative space. But designing is also about continous learning. What works. What does’nt. What you, as a designer, enjoy creating and what you don’t. The use of texture is one of those elements that I never really considered in the past, but it has become more relevant to my design process.

Lately I have been playing around with creating repetitive patterning using just the vertical and horizontal lines. I have started crocheting up a few projects and the textures being achieved are interesting. I can see this ‘playing around’ going on for some time and so, over the next few weeks and months I will be releasing some designs featuring these simplistic, beautiful patternings.

Textured Mug Rugs

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Textured Mug Rugs