About Us

A Bit About Me

Mom of 2, Wife of 1
Crocheting Years: 40…at this stage
Years on Earth: 49…at this stage
Preferred Crochet Techniques: Interlocking Crochet
Preferred Crochet DESIGN Technique: Interlocking Crochet
Other Crochet-related things I do: Teach Crochet and do commissioned work, which I think is going to take a backseat as I am having LOADS of fun with designing.


deathly afraid of cats but LOVE lions
Righthanded person but Lefthanded Crocheter (I taught myself to crochet righthanded so that I could teach others)
An aunt taught me to crochet when I was 10 but I taught myself how to read patterns when I was 15.

About Interlocking Filet Crochet Cape Town

Interlocking Filet Crochet CPT was born out of Crochet Classes Cpt. I started teaching crochet a few years ago and earlier in 2021 discovered the ILC technique. This soon led to dipping my toes into the designer pool and I fell inlove! Soon there were workshop requests from my crochet classes ladies which lead to most of my time being taken up by this ‘new baby’ and hence Interlocking Filet Crochet CPT was created.

About Interlocking Filet Crochet. Firstly, what is Interlocking Filet?

Interlocking Crochet comprises 2 filet crochet meshes that are connected in order to form a picture, whether abstract or concrete

The technique uses basic crochet stitches and almost all patterns are written in US Crochet Terminology.

The patterns are written out for you so there is no need to learn to interpret the graphs.

What My Interlocking Crochet Rabbithole looks like

I started designing in August 2021 and to date (October 2021) have 9 published patterns listed on Ravelry.com

I love table décor and functional items for the home and hence the end project for all my designs are created with this in mind. I tend to use lots of texture in my designs so as to give it varying dimensions and fabric density.

Potholders are the best small items to learn on and I design lots of them in between the bigger projects

Many of my designs are themed but the patterns are created separately.
Interlocking Crochet, once mastered, becomes an addiction.
It really is a rabbit hole that definitely leads to a wonderland!