Designing for the season is always an exciting time for me. I love the shades of red and gold, the brightness of the xmas green yarns…..

The options for the designs are endless. Lets face it….Christmas never ages. We do!

I am trying to ensure that I always release a Christmas themed Tablerunner every year.

Tablerunners just seem to finish off the mood in the room. Every other area has been adorned so why the table, right!

Last year I released Santa and Crew – the old man and his reindeer going at breakneck speed through the sky, trying to get all the deliveries completed in time so that they can get back to North Pole where the Mrs Claus would no doubt be waiting with some hot cocoa and cookies. They would be enjoying the cosy fire whilst we awake to gifts galore!

Santa & Crew Tablerunner

This year (2022) I decided on something a little more inhouse, if you will. Hanging The Decor!

I used to love hanging the decor but life tends to get busier and more pressured with every passing year and so, as my kids got older I left the hanging to them. If they had their way, it would stay up until Easter. I though remove before New Years, to loads of gasping and ‘Mom how could you!’

I am going to endevour to keep up with this tradition of designing a Christmas themed tablerunner each year. Lets see what I can come up with for 2023!

Hanging The Decor Tablerunner


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Santa & Crew Tablerunner