Interlocking crochet, though daunting to begin with, becomes super easy with patience, perserverance and practice.

My interlocking crochet journey began in May 2021 when I finally decided to take the plunge into this technique. Though I had been crocheting for close on 40 years at that stage, this was the first time I had been willing to give this technique a go.

I will not lie…..I nearly threw my hook at the wall, spoke all manner of profanity and more. The frustration was real. I thought that after all this time I actually could not crochet. Maybe I had been fooling myself for nearly 40 years!

But, patience and perserverance paid off and eventually I GOT IT! Hallelujah!!!

Then the practice. I did a few rows everyday. I finished a few small projects a week and finally, in August 2021 I ventured down the designing path and the rest, as they say, is history.

Important to note if you are a beginner or would like to start:

  • PDF and or video tutorials help with the initial learning as interlocking crochet has rules. All my patterns come with a complimentary PDF Tutorial
  • Start small and go slowly. Potholder, Mug Rug and Coaster patterns are great projects to start with. I just released a Stash Buster Coaster pattern which is Free to members of my Facebook Group. The paid version is available on Ravelry
  • Patience, Perserverance and Practice…….add some of these and all will go smoothly on your interlocking filet crochet journey.

Cats Have Hearts Potholders

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