I was recently asked why it is that I close the mesh on my tablerunner and placemat designs.

The simple answer is: CRUMBS!

Imagine for a moment that you have cooked a scrumptious, life altering feast for your nearest and dearest.

The salad could not be crunchier. The cuts of meats could not be any more tender. The freshly baked breads still have steam coming off the top. Vegetables are beautifully roasted. The drinks are cool and refreshing. The setting is just a feast to be enjoyed in celebration of well…your latest finished interlocking crochet project, ofcourse.

Everyone takes a seat in anticipation of the enjoyment of what you have laid out on your beautifully created tablerunner and placemats. Everything is as it should be. The room is abuzz with chatter and laughter. Everyone is having a great time celebrating your latest achievement.

Hours pass before you are ready to clear and clean. You start the process only to find CRUMBS in the open mesh of your beautifully worked placemats! In my mind, thats a mission to clean. Shaking it out is not enough for me…so, I close the mesh to begin with. Much easier to deal with should the CRUMBS from freshly baked breads or cookies find their way there!

Life is to short and I have tons of crochet to do.

The more ‘crochety’ answer is that I rather like the firm texture of the crochet fabric when the mesh is closed, especially for table decor. I find that the firmness makes it less drapey and not as soft as a blanket, for example.

Hanging The Decor Tablerunner

The featured designs in the main pic are:
Scattered Diamonds Tablerunner,
Nautical Placemats,
Seashells Tablerunner,
Hanging The Decor Tablerunner,
Christmas Treats Tablerunner and 
Vertical Scattered Diamonds 

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Vertical Scattered Diamonds